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Featured are the latest design trends and inspirations we’ve assessed as cutting-edge in the world of visual display!


Trending May 2023

There are nature inspired color trends this year! Soft white hangers give a sense of comfort.

White Hangers

A warm natural wood hanger gives a hint of the outdoors.

Hanging Natural Hanger

Blue hangers are always soothing and calming.

Blue Hanger


Trending April 2023

B Free Hangers are popping up all over the NOFO of Long Island!

April Trending Hangers

Pindar Vineyards

April Trending Hangers with the Owner

Meet Pindar!

April Trending Hangers in the Bakeshop

NOFODOCO - North Fork Donut Company

April Trending Hangers with Hoodie

The Treatery

Homemade Cookies

Home of the World's Best Chocolate Chip Cookies

April Trending Hangers in the Shop

The Treatery

Coffee and Antiques - Lumber and Salt Spring Hours

North Fork MOTO Coffee & MOTO Boutique at Lumber + Salt

April Trending Hangers 2

North Fork MOTO Coffee & MOTO Boutique at Lumber + Salt


Trending March 2023

Warm neutral wood hangers are popular

Warm Wood

Warm neutral Lucite acrylic hangers are trending as well

Lucite Acrylic Hangers

Bold colors are resurging in design. Bright Lucite acrylic hangers add a pop!

Bright Lucite Acrylics


Trending February 2023

Kids' rooms and shops need special hangers too!

(Remi's 'new house' closet )

House Closet

Opal Lucite/acrylic hangers are a fabulous choice in a Viva Magenta design environment!

Opal Lucite Hanger


Trending January 2023

Pantone color of the year is Viva Magenta.

Viva Magenta hangers can be custom made in Lucite/acrylic.

Viva Magenta

Opal Lucite/acrylic hangers are a fabulous choice in a Viva Magenta design environment!

Opal Lucite Hanger


Have a Happy Holiday season from your favorite hanger folks 🙂

Trending December 2022

December is a season of natural woods...and that we manufacture in several different finishes!

Low gloss natural wood hangers usually serve as a background

Low Gloss Wood

Low Gloss Wood

High gloss natural wood hangers make a clean and modern statement.

High Gloss Wood

High Gloss Wood

Natural sanded wood hangers lend themselves to dramatic settings with different finish choices in hardware.

Natural Sanded Wood

Natural Sanded Wood

Trending November 2022

Black can be introduced into a hanger as a swivel hook.

Light Brown Hanger

Black clips and bar are another option.

Black Hanger with Clips

Black can be introduced as a velvet bar.

Hanger with Velvet Bar


Trending October 2022

Gold is the color of the upcoming seasons!

Trending October 2022-1 Gold
Trending October 2022-2 Gold
Trending October 2022-3Gold

Black is back! Black hangers are seasonless!

Black Brandon Maxwell

Shades of grey hangers are also seasonless!

Grey Vince Camuto

Trending September 2022

Purple shades are trending for Autumn… Walnut wood hangers are a nice compliment!

Purple and Walnut Hanger

Different color hardware can change the look of a wood hanger!

Flat Wood Hanger

Heavier seasonal clothing can be beautifully displayed on a wider hanger.

Chubby Hangers

Trending July 2022

Green is called Nature’s neutral! It’s refreshing as well as soothing. See our original & refreshing Coke Bottle Green!

Shades of green Lucite Acrylic hangers

Two Green Hanger

Neutral woods that complement green design environments

Wood hangers

Trending June 2022

Very Peri is the Pantone 2022 color of the year and color of the universe! Similar shades and the purity of Opal color, as seen here in our LOVE hanger, will go well with a design environment featuring Very Peri. Printing your logo in Very Peri Pantone is another way to utilize this color!

Veri Peri and Opal Colored Hangers
Veri Peri Shade

Trending May 2022

A little hanger humor goes a long way. Funny joke... great hangers! WHAT KIND OF CLOTHES DOES A HOUSE WEAR?

Walnut Hangers

An Address 🙂

Bright colored Lucite acrylic hangers like these are attention getters!

Kate Spade Hangers

Just B

B Free B Kind Mugs

Trending April 2022

More hangers as art!

Antique Hanger

Getting the hang of it...Red just happens to be happening!

Red And White Hangers

Pantone color of the year 2022!

2022 Pantone Color

Mannequins can add life to your display! 😊

Mannequin 1
Mannequin 2
Mannequin 3

March 2022

A bit of art history…

“My dress is hanging there” by Frida Kahlo

“My dress is hanging there” by Frida Kahlo

Earth tones of clay, mustard, olive greens, & dark blue are trending.

Earth tones of Clay, Mustard, Olive Greens, & Dark Blue

Natural wood hangers with black or our new black chrome hardware are good blends of vintage and modern style.


February 2022

Warm colors are trending!

Gold, white, beige and copper hangers are available.

February Trending

“Hi Bert,The hangers look terrific !!!!! Thank you for not allowing me to purchase more of the ‘vintage’ velvet ones!!!!!They have a great look and as you said, very contemporary!!! I know my little orders are not much to you, the Hanger King, but the way you take care of me you would think you wouldn’t be able to survive without me!!!!!I will never be able to buy large quantities but I might be able to pass along those that can!”  Craig C. / Dallas, Texas

January 2022

B Peaceful in 2022

“We appreciate you double checking with us. We understand the nature of the hanger and we know you’ll make them as perfect as you can 🙂 You have our go ahead. Thanks for making sure every step is covered and checked when there is any doubt”.  Vanessa A. / Santa Cruz, California


Trending Late Fall 2021


Blue Lucite/Acrylic Hangers

Natural Wood Hangers

Grey Hangers…Lucite/Acrylic or Wood

I just received the hangers . Absolutely love , love , love!! They are very high quality. Will definitely be placing more orders soon. I also wanted to get an estimate on how much these hangers are if my logo is printed on 50 hangers. Thanks so much for the great and fast service. Kindest Regards, Sarah Y / Chicago, Illinois


– Custom Velvet Covered Hangers
– Custom Lucite Acrylic Hangers

August 2021 Trending

– Mannequins can turn your display into an art form!

July 2021 Trending

– Say the WORD and you’ll B FREE!

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