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Offering Fully Customizable Garment Hangers to Clients Worldwide

A Message from Our Company’s Founder, Bert Spitz


I’m Bert Spitz and I’ve been creating original garment hanger designs since 1972. B Free Hanger Design & Display Ltd. is a garment hanger design company specializing in wholesale custom garment hangers designed to create a brand that is uniquely yours. We offer our custom hangers, popular priced wood and plastic hangers to retail stores, clothing manufacturer’s showrooms, residential interior designers and individual homeowners.

Featured methods for logo printing are pad printed hangers, laser etched printed hangers, hot stamp/embossed effect printed hangers and holographic printed hangers.

Rounding out our line of products are high quality fashionable ladies’, men’s and children’s mannequins. 

Please contact us to discuss your individual needs.

Thank you!



Trending January 2023

Pantone color of the year is Viva Magenta.

Viva Magenta hangers can be custom made in Lucite/acrylic.

Viva Magenta

Opal Lucite/acrylic hangers are a fabulous choice in a Viva Magenta design environment!

Opal Lucite Hanger


Have a Happy Holiday season from your favorite hanger folks 🙂

Trending December 2022

December is a season of natural woods...and that we manufacture in several different finishes!

Low gloss natural wood hangers usually serve as a background

Low Gloss Wood

Low Gloss Wood

High gloss natural wood hangers make a clean and modern statement.

High Gloss Wood

High Gloss Wood

Natural sanded wood hangers lend themselves to dramatic settings with different finish choices in hardware.

Natural Sanded Wood

Natural Sanded Wood

Browse through our client gallery to see images of our various custom garment hangers.

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Client Feedback

“B Free has created a revolutionary concept in the hanger industry; innovative design and unparalleled customer service.”

Lew Falzon, Theory LLC

Articles by Bert