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B Free Hangers offers the top custom hangers, printed hangers & stock hangers in wood, rubber coating & Lucite acrylic. We design, manufacture & supply garment hangers to retail stores, manufacturer's showrooms & residential interior designers. B Free also offers mannequins, torsos, bathing suit forms, custom garment racks & garment bags.

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Featured are the latest design trends and inspirations as well as flyers and instructional articles.

September 2021 Trending


- Custom Wood Hangers

Custom Wood Hangers

Custom Wood Hangers 1

Custom Wood Hangers 2

- Custom Anti-slip Hangers

Custom Wood Hangers 4

Custom Wood Hangers 5

September 2021 Trending


- Custom Velvet Covered Hangers

Custom Velvet Covered Hangers 1

Custom Velvet Covered Hangers 2

- Custom Lucite Acrylic Hangers

Custom Lucite Acrylic Hangers 1

Custom Lucite Acrylic Hangers 2

Custom Lucite Acrylic Hangers 3

August 2021 Trending

- Mannequins can turn your display into an art form!


Mannequin 1

Mannequin 2

Mannequin 3

July 2021 Trending

- Say the WORD and you'll B FREE!

Beatles - LOVE

The Beatles

White Hangers

Clear Hangers

White Hangers

Yellow Hangers

June 2021 Trending

- Kids need hangers too!
Children’s top and straight bottom hangers!

Kid Hanngers

- Children’s top & bottom/combo hangers!


May 2021 Trending

- Vintage wood hangers are part of a current design trend. They are very neutral and both modern and eclectic depending on their hardware.

Wood Hanngers

- Pop-up stores are becoming very popular. Stand out hangers that enhance the visual impact of a temporary space and are very movable are a great component of these of the moment shops.


- Rubber coated hangers make display very efficient. They are available in White, Black and Natural.

Rebecca Taylor Hangers

Rebecca Taylor Hangers

April 2021 Trending

- Mixed metal is very stylish. It’s great to use copper or brass hanger hardware with chrome bars or racks in a design space.

Brass Hooks

Brass Hooks on Wood

- Opal Lucite acrylic hangers are always a brilliant alternative to white.

Trending Opal

- Shades of pink are very much in the picture! Pink Lucite acrylic hangers are a bright neutral.

Trending Pink

March 2021 Trending

- Placid Blue Lucite acrylic hangers are fresh for this spring.

LOVE Beatles Hanger Yellow - Close-up

- Black Wood Hangers generate a distinguished design impact.

LOVE Beatles Hanger Grey - Close-up

February 2021 Trending

- Pantone colors of the year... Ultimate Gray and Illuminating. The Light at The End of the Tunnel!

LOVE Beatles Hanger Yellow - Close-up

LOVE Beatles Hanger Grey - Close-up

- Sunny yellows are a brilliant Lucite acrylic hanger choice!

LOVE Beatles Hanger Yellow

- Shades of grey in wood & Lucite acrylic hangers are fresh & distinguishing for 2021!

LOVE Beatles Hanger Grey

January 2021 Trending

- For everyone first of all...

Kinder in 2021

-B KINDER in 2021!

-Opal Lucite acrylic hangers are always great for a gentle yet interesting winter’s day and beyond shimmer.


Opal Hangers

-Snowy decor calls for white Lucite acrylic hangers and white wood hangers.
Even better...White is seasonless!

White Hangers

December 2020 Trending

- Shades of red are quite visually appealing! Custom Lucite acrylic hangers with NEW red hardware will add glamour to any setting. New hardware finishes on the way

White Hangers - Red Hardware

White Hangers - Red Hardware

-As life converges into smaller settings retail display needs to create a comfort zone.
Branding hangers reinforces a recognized product into that familiar place.

Branding Hangers

Hanger Brands

Brands of Hangers

- Pink Lucite acrylic hangers can be calming, vibrant or dramatic and go very well with different metallic hardware.

Different Hanger Brands

Pink Hanger Brands

Close-up of Pink Hangers

Pink Acrylic Hangers

- Pick any Pantone Color and combine it with your choice of finished metal hardware hooks, bars and clips!

Trendy Pink Colors

November 2020 Trending

- Bright white hangers are neutral yet bold!

White Hangers

- Mix your metals! Use copper hooks on chrome racks!

Copper Hangers

- Grey and brown color schemes are showing up this season.... grey hangers/mahogany hangers!

Grey & Brown Hangers

October 2020 Trending

- Clarity is needed in these times. Clear lucite acrylic hangers give you that (at least in your design environment). They are classic but also very modern.

Clear Lucite Acrylic Hangers at Angle

Clear Lucite Acrylic Hangers

- Unify your hangers! A unified look vs. mixed demonstrates so much more design awareness!

Unified Black Hangers

Unified White Hangers

- Warm fall colors...amber, bronze, cinnamon, ginger, and terracotta look great paired with walnut wood hangers! Bronze hardware available?

Warm Fall Colored Hangers

September 2020 Trending

- Faded denim blue is a great neutral color for a hanger!

Denim Blue Hangers

- According to the Wall Street Journal, retail needs to return to great customer service and in store innovation. Creative and exciting store design adds to an aesthetic experience!

Red Copper Clear and White Hangers

- Fall ushers in longer nights. Black hangers offer a dramatic yet neutral design option. Choices include black Lucite/acrylic hangers and wood hangers either anti-slip rubber coated or velvet covered.

Various Black Hangers

- Grey is a very neutral and serene color...grey wood hangers are a great design option.

Grey Wood Hangers

August 2020 Trending

- Garden Green hangers are a natural way to add color to a design environment.

Garden Green Hangers

- Brass hardware on a wood hanger can dress it up.

Brass Hardware on a Wood Hanger

- Hangry? Paraphrasing Margaret Atwood in the New York Times.... are you hungry for custom hangers? We supply whatever you want :-).

Custom Hangers

July 2020 Trending

- "As good as gold" hangers add a modern touch to decor.

Gold Hangers

- These times call for calming color hangers. Pastels are muted and soothing.

Pastel Hangers

- Blue is associated with the sky and ocean (shades of blue.) Coordinating finish blue clips anyone?

Walnut Wood Hanger with Metal Drop and Taupe Color Wood Hanger

June 2020 Trending


Pink Hanger with Masks

- Color is the least expensive way to work wonders in a design environment.

Rainbow Hangers

- Back to earth brown and taupe colors are having a comeback. Walnut wood hangers are part of this trend.

Walnut Wood Hanger with Metal Drop and Taupe Color Wood Hanger

- On the other hand, young affluent consumers love grey according to Wall Street Journal.

Three Grey Hangers

May 2020 Trending

A rainbow array of Lucite acrylic hangers is cheerful and timely!

Rainbow Drawings

Rainbow Hangers

April 2020 Trending

- Pink is a trending color. Pink lucite/acrylic hangers fit right in.

Stay at Home

Angled Pink Hangers

- Copper/Rose Gold is trending in metal finishes. Copper hooks are available for custom hangers.

Hangers with Copper/Rose Gold Hooks

- Neon is back! Pair it with natural neutrals.

Neon Hangers

March 2020 Trending

- A dose of color will welcome spring. Custom Lucite acrylic hangers are available in the colors of the rainbow.

Custom Lucite Acrylic Hangers

Yellow Hangars with a Submarine

- Earth tones are replacing greys as the most popular neutrals. Natural wood hangers, walnut and mahogany hangers are available!

Natural Wood Hangers

- As per the Wall Street Journal...and custom hangers will enhance stores!

February 2020 Trending

- Pantone color of the year! Classic Blue.

Hangers in neutral colors

- First Light is a soft airy pink. Pink hangers always add a gentle accent to a design environment.

Hangers in neutral colors

- Red hooks and coordinating finish clips are the first of many colors to come. Exciting times in the world of Visual Display? YES!

January 2020 Trending

- First and foremost, our wishes for 2020 are expressed in our holiday hanger.

Acrylic hanger in front of a colorful barrel

b kind to us in 2020

- Cleanse your design palette! Shades of white hangers fit the bill.

Hangers in neutral colors

-Experimental marketing for brick and mortar stores is a must! Fabulous design environments add to it!
How about some fun Red Hooks with coordinating Red finish Clips Coming January 2020.

A yellow hanger with a red hook.

black and white hangers with red hooks

December 2019 Trending

- New hip hues for decor can be formulated into custom acrylic hangers!

Five hanger group of acrylic hangers

- Black hook and clips customize a wood hanger.

Black Abersons hanger

- Burgundy is the color of the season! Create custom acrylic hangers or use a burgundy logo to complement a neutral hanger.

burgundy hanger

- The hanger as seen in the new MOMA exhibit. Sizing, perhaps not perfect. We offer many hanger sizes and shapes.

jacket on a hanger

November 2019 Trending

-Balanced neutrals, earthy greens, and vivid orange in a design environment create feelings of warmth, welcoming, and impact on how people feel!

November Hanger 1

November Hanger 2

-Colors that will never look dated, i.e., out of style/White, neutrals and blue hangers are readily available

November Hanger 4

-Mineral hues for hangers, very celestial and restorative

November Hanger 5

November Hanger 6

October 2019 Trending

-Mannequin as art, as seen in Whitney Biennial. B artistic and creative with your displays. It makes a difference.

Whitney Biennial Mannequin

-Ochre is a warm amber color.

Brass hanger hardware is a great coordinating option conveying that same feeling.

October Hanger 1

October Hanger 2

October Hanger 3

-Think teal this fall! Custom order teal acrylic hangers or use grey or mahogany wood hangers to accent it!

October Hanger4

October Hanger5

October Hanger6

September 2019 Trending

- All-time favorite entries are highlighted this month:

Highlight #1
Vintage Hangers - Reason, a trend that endures. Period!

Light Wooden Hagners

The Thin Shaper

Highlight #2
The Thin Shaper was created back in the early 1980s. It was designed to give a more visually appealing broad shoulder ‘look’ at 1” thick and to take up about half the hanging space. It allowed for almost 50% more garments to be fit in the same area as the 1.5” to 2” thick hangers of the time. So popular for the last 30+ years and then rubber coating them in 2015 to make them anti-slip. Simply Phab!

The Thin Shaper With Vests

The Thin Shapers all in a row

The Thin Shaper with colorful shirts

Taking nothing away from the Thin Shaper and only adding to the demand that called for a look that would truly accentuate. Say Hello to the Super Chubby!

The Super Chubby With Pants Hanging

The Super Chubby With A Jean Dress Hangning

Highlight #3
Saving the best for last, or should I say the last of the best, The Standard, The Staple, The Champion of All Practical Styles, The FX-2!

Multiple Displays With Elvis and The Beatles

Yellow Hagner with blue Tie Dye Shirt

Clear Hangners With Gold Rod

Pink Sparkling Hangners

White Clear Hangners with Colorful Bikini Tops

Black Kenneth Cole Hangners

Black Calvin Klein Hangners With Suits

*Any custom Pantone color can be made in either transparent or opaque!

Eight Plastic Multicolor Hangners

August 2019 Trending

-Deep and sophisticated jewel shades of Lucite acrylic hangers will welcome the new season shortly.

A Red, Silver, Blue, and Navy hangers.

...and of course opal!

Opal hangers.

-Black metal hardware makes a bold standout statement.

White hangers with black hardware.

Black hangers with black hardware.

White engraved hangers with black hardware.

Navy hangers with black hardware.

-Red Lucite acrylic hangers are a fabulous accent color with neutrals or deep colors.

Red Lucite acrylic hangers.

Two red hangers.

Red hangers in the store.

Clear red hangers.

July 2019 Trending

Memphis design is timeless...A standout with colorful acrylic hangers!

Multi-Coloured Hangers


Bright colors are making a comeback. Orange is a distinguishing choice!

Bright coloured hangers

Vintage wood hangers can be distinctly modern...especially with Rose Gold/Copper!

Wooden Hangers

June 2019 Trending

Choose a signature color in acrylic or wood. Create a color branded hanger identity!


Collection of Items


Multi Hangers

Different Color Hangers





Walk On The Moon colors are subtle, neutral lucite/acrylic hangers that celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first moonwalk!

A Walk On The Moon

Hangers on a Rack

Sunset Pink

Bras and Panties

Ice White

How about bright, optimistic yellow hangers? Good Day Sunshine!

Yellow Submarine Baby Clothes

Yellow Submarine Shirt

The Beatles Shirt

May 2019 Trending

Beatles Love Poster

-Quality is never a trend!
The bitterness of poor quality remains
long after the sweetness of low price
is forgotten, according to Benjamin Franklin.

Black Hanger

-Neon brights and even glow-in-the-dark are currently very stylish.
How about glow-in-the-dark branded hangers?!

Glow in the Dark Hanger

-Copper and particularly polished copper are warm
trending hanger and hardware choices.

Multiple Different Hangers

Elvis Hangers

Rebecca Taylor Wooden Hangers

-B-Unique B-Different B-Free Just-B


April 2019 Trending

Happy Together

Who knew tie/dye would be back in style?
This groovy pattern works great with bright color Lucite/acrylic hangers!

Tie Dye Shirts
Neon Orange Hangers
lime green hangers
Yellow hangers

More blues...shades of blue in decor include Lucite/acrylic hangers.

Blue Hangers

Effervescent iridescence and its lustrous rainbow-like play of colors are trending for spring! Opal Lucite/acrylic hangers are timeless as well.

Clear Hangers
White Hangers
another set of white hangers
a third set of white hanger

March 2019 Trending

Add logos/distinctive hardware to your hangers! Small touches matter!

custom clear hangers with clips for Minxx

Colorful hangers are visually exciting!

custom clear hangers with clips for Minxx

custom green hangers

custom red hangers

Wood hangers in a warm range of color from natural to mahogany are trending.

wood hangers

new wood hangers

Blue hangers are trending!

new wood hangers

February 2019 Trending

Retailers are shifting clicks to bricks...internet brands are moving into stores; China is merging e-commerce with stores as well thru cell phone apps. These changes create a need for an exciting store environment that can be achieved with custom hangers!

-Custom color hangers can define a space.



Multi-Coloured Dresses

Ivory White Hangers

-Custom hardware can help a hanger pop!

Custom Hardware

Clear Hangers

Natural Wood Hanger

Completed Clear Hangers

-Branded hangers with logos also create an exclusive design element.

Black and red hangers


Elvis and Beatles

Baby Clothes

Zac hangers

Black Dresses on white hangers

January 2019 Trending

- Clicking on any image will enlarge photo -

- Living Coral is The Pantone Color of The Year 2019

Peach coral

-We also like past Pantone colors of the year in either opaque or transparent as a wonderful hanger and design choice.

multiple hangers with bright different colours

-Rum, a rich, warm brown, is trending for the new year. Walnut and mahogany wood hangers with your choice of hook finish are distinguishing choices!

rich, warm rum coloured of walnut and mahogany

December 2018 Trending

--Embracing a full range of blue, teal, and gray is a key direction for 2019 Color Trends. Layer light and dark blues on walls, cabinets, furniture, and décor items for impactful results. Brushes of metallic gold add a touch of luxe.

Room with blue furniture and accents Room with blue furniture and accents

-There are many hanger hardware choices! Among them...

Copper/Rose Gold!

Copper and rose gold kitchen utensils

Black chrome!

Black and chrome kitchen Utensils

-Constellation acrylic hangers are sparkling!

Single blue constellation hanger A row of pink constellation hangers

November 2018 Trending

-Camouflage is a fun design trend. It looks fabulous with black acrylic and wood hangers.

black/green hangers

Bert's Weekends

Bert’s Weekends

November Hangers


-Colder weather calls for heavier outerwear. Jacket Hangers provide support for fall and winter clothing.

Chubbies for Cold Weather

-Jacket Hangers are available with several swivel hook shape options.

TUE Swivel Hook

swivel hook 1
swivel hook 2



MILL END Swivel Hook

MILL END Swivel Hook 1

October 2018 Trending

-Warm shades of wood hangers work very well with fall's earth tone colors!

fall photo Fall Colours

-Color does make a difference!

Hanging Laundry Photo

-Black hangers and white hangers are also in the winter forecast!

black and white hangers

September 2018 Trending

Color changes everything!

Colored Hangers

Combining the industrial look of metal hardware with the warmth of a wood hanger creates a contemporary design.

Wooden hangers with metal hardware

The "new" metal is brass.

Brass Hangers

August 2018 Trending


Distressed wood hangers and Lucite acrylic hangers are modern design looks created by 'rose gold' copper hooks & clips.

Copper and Wood Hangers

-Custom Lucite acrylic hangers/distressed wood hangers printed with a logo create brand recognition.

Wooden hangers engraved with Current Elliot

-Varying hook and clip finishes on custom hangers also enhance a unique design.

Custom Engraved Wood Hangers Plastic Hangers with metal hooks

July 2018 Trending

-Glow in the dark hangers are unique!

Glow in the dark hangers

-Custom branded hangers add to the unique quality of your display space.

Jessica Simpson dresses on wood hangers Jessica Simpson apparel on wood hangers

June 2018 Trending


Multi-color bright acrylic hangers
Multi-color bright acrylic hangers

-Brass is the trending metal finish.

Wood Hangers

-Matte black and black chrome are other hardware trends... More modern than brass and more unexpected than polished chrome.

May 2018 Trending

-Online shopping is quick and easy... but the in-person experience can be aided by fabulous customer service and a creative environment. B Free offers both!

Multi-color bright acrylic hangers

-Bright color hangers will follow a spring design trend...red, orange, yellow, and blue Lucite acrylic hangers are available.

Wood Hangers

-Warm light-colored neutral wood hangers are popular and easy to work within a designed space.

April 2018 Trending

Spring Palette

-The new spring palette...B Free likes to suggest choices!


-Antique brass, copper/rose gold, and black chrome are distinctive choices for hardware finishes.







Opal Hanger

Opal always is a classic hanger color. It’s neutral but interesting! It’s a particularly good option for warm weather clothing.





March 2018 Trending

Baby With Hanger

-Don't be afraid to be bold in coloring your world! Vividly colored hangers can create a lasting first impression.


-Red hangers with gold hardware make a strong declarative statement!

Pantone Color

-The range of colors from pale pink hangers to deep pink hangers follow a popular range from shades of pink into lavender.

February 2018 Trending

Baby With Hanger

-Baby hangers always make a great gift!


-The new year calls for new branding techniques...
Various types of logos can create branded hangers.

  • -Laser engraved
  • -Hot Stamp
  • -Pad Print
  • -Custom engraved plate

Pantone Color

- Purple can definitely make a statement in a neutral environment.

- Ultra Violet is the 2018 Pantone color of the year, and any style wood or acrylic can be made for you in this color or any other Pantone color…and fast too!

January 2018 Trending

Stained Wood Yellow Shirt black shirt dark tie dye

-50 years since the iconic Yellow Submarine film came out in 1968. So many ways to commemorate an occasion!

Stained Wood

-Concrete and wood translates to walnut and mahogany wood hangers with satin chrome hooks and clips if desired

Stained Wood

-Winter White hangers always cleanse the design palettes!

December 2017 Trending

Stained Wood

Stained Wood

Stained Wood

Stained Wood

Chubby Hanger

Chubby Hanger

Hot Pink Hanger

November 2017 Trending

- Stained or bleached wood hangers add a design element to an environment.

Stained Wood

Stained Wood

Stained Wood

Stained Wood

- 'Chubby' hangers display garments quite effectively.

Chubby Hanger

Chubby Hanger

Chubby Hanger

- Hot pink has become a fashion and design statement due to the popularity of rosé wines.

Hot Pink Hanger

Hot Pink Hanger

Hot Pink Hanger

Hot Pink Hanger

Hot Pink Logo

How about a hot pink logo on opal?

October 2017 Trending

- Color makes hangers a design element...custom wood hangers and custom lucite/acrylic in any Pantone color

green hangers

clear pink hangers

- A color like Tuscan olive goes well with natural wood and linens.

Tuscan Olive

Tuscan Olive

September 2017 Trending

E-commerce shops are opening brick and mortar stores...so make them stand out!
- Red hangers are trending

Distressed wood

Distressed wood

Any Shape…Any Material

- Pumpkin is the new black...Orange hangers are available in Lucite/acrylic or wood


Any Shape…Any Material

- S Hooks anyone?

Distressed wood

Gold or Rose Gold/Copper

August Trending 2017

* -B Free to order any custom color wood or Lucite acrylic hangers for shipment in as little as 2 weeks…Yup…2 weeks!

Distressed wood

Distressed wood

Distressed wood

Any Shape…Any Material…Any Color

* B Free to order custom printed Lucite acrylic or wood hangers for shipment in a little as 3 days…Yup…3 days!

Distressed wood

Distressed wood

Distressed wood

Distressed wood

July Trending 2017

* There are choices to be made when purchasing a wood hanger in terms of finish. Custom wood hangers can be any Ben-Moore paint or stain color.

Distressed wood

Natural Vintage
White Vintage

* Stained wood hanger

Distressed wood

Stained Matte Walnut Vintage

* Painted Wood Hanger

Distressed wood

High Gloss Red
Custom Silver Grey
Matte White
Semi-Gloss Red Burgundy

June Trending 2017

Distressed wood

How About Natural & Neutral
With Our Distinctive Vintage & Antique Brass

Bright Hangers

Something to Be Said for Visual Display!

Broad Shoulder Hangers

Beatles Yellow Sub Shop

May Trending 2017

* Distressed wood hangers are a rich and luxurious display option

Distressed wood

* Bright color hangers such as blue add pop to a neutral environment

Bright Hangers

* Broad shoulder hangers for display show off a garment's shape and also evoke a sense of luxury

Broad Shoulder Hangers

April Trending 2017

* Natural wood and shades of grey are great neutrals

Cerused wood

black silver hanger wood

* Pantone color of 2017 is complemented by hangers in a vast array of colors. Think of green in nature and how it goes with everything!

April 2017

green hangers with brown hooks

green hanger

* Marigold is one of the top Spring colors.

April 2017

Yellow Hanger

The Yellow Submarine

Beatles Love logo

March Trending 2017

* Cerused wood is an updated name for pickled wood, and it is stained with a big emphasis on the wood grain. The whiting process brings out the highlights in the wood grain by being rubbed into the open grooves and pores of the wood.

Cerused wood

Cerused wood

Cerused wood

*Marble is a major design trend that can go from rustic to modern and is quite neutral. Marbleized hangers are coming very soon!

Marbleized hangers

*Shiny copper/gold metal is replacing chrome in some new design environments. B Free's custom hangers allow you the option of choice of hardware finish on your hangers, and now is “S” hooks too!

S Hooks

February Trending 2017

*Gold is emerging as a warm metallic trend.
Gold hangers
Gold plated with antique brass or polished brass hook

*White is also trending...available as Lucite acrylic hangers and wood hangers with custom hardware and printing available.
White hangers
White Wood /Modern

White hangers

White hangers
White Wood/ Vintage

White branded hangers
White Acrylics

*Pearl and opal Lucite acrylic hangers offer a subtle alternative with added shimmer to enhance the garments and design elements of the surrounding environment. Lucite acrylic hangers offer the advantage of being MADE IN THE USA!
Metallic hangers
-Silver pearl with silver
-Copper pearl with copper
-Moonglow Beige with gold
-Sunset pink with silver
-Luli Fama opal with gold
-Beatles LOVE opal with silver

January Trending 2017

Lime Green Hangers

Greenery is the 2017 Pantone color of the year. Our hangers can be custom colored in opaque or transparent Pantone colors with a printed logo and customized with a selection of hardware finishes. Shades of blue are trending for 2017 as well.

-Copper/rose gold hangers can be custom printed.

Cooper Hanger

-Vintage wood hangers can be customized with hardware and print.

Vintage Inspired


wooden hanger with copper hooks

Click Here for the Trending Archive!



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