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B Free Hangers offers the top custom hangers, printed hangers & stock hangers in wood, rubber coating & Lucite acrylic. We design, manufacture & supply garment hangers to retail stores, manufacturer's showrooms & residential interior designers. B Free also offers mannequins, torsos, bathing suit forms, custom garment racks & garment bags.

Male & Female Mannequins, Torsos, & More

We offer many styles and positions of Men's and Women's Mannequins as well as Children's. Please inquire if you would like more information regarding alternate choices.

Specifications for "JULIA"

Sophisticated size 4 female mannequin with fiberglass construction, this is one of 3 positions. Tempered glass base included.

Measurements: 35"-25"-33 1/2" - 72" H
Color: Cameo White
Standard Packing: 1
Packing Weight: 37 lbs.
Carton Dimensions: 43 x 17-1/2 x 14
UPS Shippable: Yes

Female Mannequin Julia SANDY    

Specifications for "EMMA"

Highly stylized abstract female mannequin with features that include slightly detailed fingers and abstract feet and head with abstract details. Beautiful True White finish. Includes tempered glass base, fittings for calf and setup kit.

Height: 71"
Bust: 34"
Waist: 25",
Hip: 35"
Neck: 12"
Heel Height: 3"




Female Mannequin Emma


Specifications for "BERT"

Highly styled, realistic male mannequin with detailed features that include articulated fingers and toes and molded hair. Beautiful true white finish. Includes tempered glass base, fittings for calf and setup kit.

Height: 73"
Bust: 37"
Waist: 30",
Hip: 38"
Neck: 14"
Heel Height: 1"

Male Mannequin Bert BERT    

Torso Information

Custom Racks & Stands

Men's and Women's Torsos

Paper mache forms are covered with a layer of foam rubber to make pinning garments easier. These timeless line of forms have been a classic in the retail industry, withstanding changing trends and always remaining in style.


Dressmaker Base
Satin Chrome Steel
Oval Base
Tripod Natural Wood Base
Round Mahogany Wood Base
Frosted Oval Glass Base


Neck Caps

Satin Acorn Top
Satin Flat Top
Natural Thistle Top
Natural Sussex Top

Please inquire to see additional shapes, sizes, finishes, or custom racks.

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