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Featured are the latest B Free Hanger design trends

May 2018 Trending

-Online shopping is quick and easy... but the in person experience can be aided by fabulous customer service and a creative environment. B Free offers both!

Multi-color bright acrylic hangers

-Bright color hangers will follow a spring design trend...red, orange,yellow and blue Lucite acrylic hangers are available.

Wood Hangers

-Warm light colored neutral wood hangers are popular and easy to work with in a designed space.

April 2018 Trending

Spring Palette

-The new spring palette...B Free likes to suggest choices!


-Antique brass, copper/rose gold and black chrome are distinctive choices for hardware finishes.







Opal Hanger

Opal always is a classic hanger color. It’s neutral but interesting! It’s a particularly good option for warm weather clothing.





March 2018 Trending

Baby With Hanger

-Don't be afraid to be bold in coloring your world! Vividly colored hangers can create a lasting first impression.


-Red hangers with gold hardware make a strong declarative statement!

Pantone Color

-The range of colors from pale pink hangers to deep pink hangers follow a popular range from shades of pink into lavender.

February 2018 Trending

Baby With Hanger

-Baby hangers always make a great gift!


-The new year calls for new branding techniques...
Various types of logos can create branded hangers.

  • -Laser engraved
  • -Hot Stamp
  • -Pad Print
  • -Custom engraved plate

Pantone Color

- Purple can definitely make a statement in a neutral environment.

- Ultra Violet is the 2018 Pantone color of the year and any style wood or acrylic can be made for you in this color or any other Pantone color…and fast too!

January 2018 Trending

Stained Wood

-50 years since iconic Yellow Submarine film came out in 1968. So many ways to commemorate an occasion!

Stained Wood

-Concrete and wood translates to walnut and mahogany wood hangers with satin chrome hooks and clips if desired

Stained Wood

-Winter White hangers always cleanse the design palettes!

November 2017 Trending

- Stained or bleached wood hangers add a design element to an environment.

Stained Wood

Stained Wood

Stained Wood

Stained Wood

- 'Chubby' hangers display garments quite effectively.

Chubby Hanger

Chubby Hanger

Chubby Hanger

- Hot pink has become a fashion and design statement due to the popularity of rosé wines.

Hot Pink Hanger

Hot Pink Hanger

Hot Pink Hanger

Hot Pink Hanger

Hot Pink Logo

How about a hot pink logo on opal?

December 2017 Trending

Stained Wood

Stained Wood

Stained Wood

Stained Wood

Chubby Hanger

Chubby Hanger

Hot Pink Hanger

October 2017 Trending

- Color makes hangers a design element...custom wood hangers and custom lucite/acrylic in any Pantone color

- A color like Tuscan olive goes well with natural wood and linens.

Tuscan Olive

Tuscan Olive

September 2017 Trending

E-commerce shops are opening brick and mortar stores...so make them stand out!
- Red hangers are trending

Distressed wood

Distressed wood

Any Shape…Any Material

- Pumpkin is the new black...Orange hangers are available in Lucite/acrylic or wood


Any Shape…Any Material

- S Hooks anyone?

Distressed wood

Gold or Rose Gold/Copper

August Trending 2017

* -B Free to order any custom color wood or Lucite acrylic hangers for shipment in as little as 2 weeks…Yup…2 weeks!

Distressed wood

Distressed wood

Distressed wood

Any Shape…Any Material…Any Color

* B Free to order custom printed Lucite acrylic or wood hangers for shipment in a little as 3 days…Yup…3 days!

Distressed wood

Distressed wood

Distressed wood

Distressed wood

July Trending 2017

* There are choices to be made when purchasing a wood hanger in terms of finish. Custom wood hangers can be any Ben-Moore paint or stain color.

Distressed wood

Natural Vintage
White Vintage

* Stained wood hanger

Distressed wood

Stained Matte Walnut Vintage

* Painted Wood Hanger

Distressed wood

High Gloss Red
Custom Silver Grey
Matte White
Semi-Gloss Red Burgundy

June Trending 2017

Distressed wood

How About Natural & Neutral
With Our Distinctive Vintage & Antique Brass

Bright Hangers

Something to Be Said for Visual Display!

Broud Shoulder Hangers

Beatles Yellow Sub Shop


May Trending 2017

* Distressed wood hangers are a rich and luxurious display option

Distressed wood

* Bright color hangers such as blue add pop to a neutral environment

Bright Hangers

* Broad shoulder hangers for display show off a garment's shape and also evoke a sense of luxury

Broud Shoulder Hangers

April Trending 2017

* Natural wood and shades of grey are great neutrals

Cerused wood

black silver hanger wood

* Pantone color of 2017 is complemented by hangers in vast array of colors. Think of green in nature and how it goes with everything!

green hanger

* Marigold is one of the top Spring colors.

Yellow Hanger

March Trending 2017

* Cerused wood is an updated name for pickled wood and it is stained with big emphasis on the wood grain. Rubbed into the open grooves and pores of wood, the whiting process brings out and highlights the wood grain.

Cerused wood

Cerused wood

Cerused wood

*Marble is a major design trend that can go from rustic to modern and is quite neutral. Marbleized hangers coming very soon!

Marbleized hangers

*Shiny copper/gold metal are replacing chrome in some new design environments. B Free's custom hangers allow you the option of choice of hardware finish on your hangers and now is “S” hooks too!

S Hooks

February Trending 2017

*Gold emerging as warm metallic trend.
Gold hangers
Gold plated with antique brass or polished brass hook

*White is also trending...available as Lucite acrylic hangers and wood hangers with custom hardware and printing available.
White hangers
White Wood /Modern

White hangers

White hangers
White Wood/ Vintage

White branded hangers
White Acrylics

*Pearl and opal Lucite acrylic hangers offer a subtle alternative with added shimmer to enhance the garments and design elements of the surrounding environment. Lucite acrylic hangers offer the advantage of being MADE IN THE USA!
Metallic hangers
-Silver pearl with silver
-Copper pearl with copper
-Moonglow Beige with gold
-Sunset pink with silver
-Luli Fama opal with gold
-Beatles LOVE opal with silver

January Trending 2017

Greenery is the 2017 Pantone color of the year. Our hangers can be custom colored in opaque or transparent Pantone colors with a printed logo and customized with a selection of hardware finishes. Shades of blue are trending for 2017 as well.

-Copper/rose gold hangers can be custom printed.

-Vintage wood hangers can be customized with hardware and print.

December Trending 2016

* Rich holiday hanger colors

Burgundy, Copper, Gold

Red, Green, Orange, Blue

* Winter brilliant hanger colors

Ivory, Copper, Gold

Silver, Opal, Light Pink

* Custom kiddie hangers combine modern Lucite with timeless gold hearts!

Crystal clear/ gold hooks and gold logo

November Trending 2016

* Copper metallic hangers are modern and traditional at the same time. Copper is trending in design very strongly

* Most modern metallics mix very well with industrial and vintage wood environments

Black chrome metallic hangers

* Silver and gold metallic hangers Traditional cool/warm accents

Images for copper metallic trending:

Gigi Hadid boots in copper and black chrome as seen on NBC Today with Matte Lauer (November 2, 2016)

October Trending 2016

* Wood hangers can be custom painted in any Pantone color

* Rubber coated wood hangers are inventoried in black, white, natural and silver.

* Lucite acrylic hangers in bright colors can accent a neutral environment.

September Trending 2016

All of our hangers are available on a wholesale basis directly through B Free: they are not sold in stores.

* Suit hangers with velvet bars and/or bars and clips are a key element of residential closet design.

velvet bars

velvet bars

* Display hangers and custom display hangers show off garments at their best and are more visually appealing in a retail or showroom environment.

Wood hangers

August Trending 2016

* We are garment hanger manufacturers & suppliers specializing in varied materials, styles, and price levels.

Natural rubber coated wood hangers combine the beauty of the wood grain with the antislip function.

* Broad shoulder hangers enhance garment display. They can be used for jackets,coat and heavier garments or simply to show the shape of a garment.

Lucite/Acrylic hangers can be custom or stock items depending on shape, hardware and color and vary in price accordingly.

July Trending 2016

* The shopping scene is changing. Smaller stores combined with online presence require greater display and use of space to woo customers to the brick and mortar retail sites. Smaller spaces require great display impact.

Check out our NEW THIN BROAD SHOULDER display hangers in Copper, Silver, Gold & Black Chrome for impactful and space saving visual display. Any length drop can be added to show two pieces as a proportioned set!

* Besides being widely used in pet shops, these dog bone hangers are a whimsical wood hanger option

* Home closet design is a growing market. We feature custom wood hangers, custom lucite acrylic hangers and custom rubber coated hangers for residential use. Choose any finish swivel hook with coordinating finish bars and clips on any style hanger!

Customize your hangers with your own signature!

June Trending 2016

There are four major types of inventoried hangers for fast delivery. All four are also available as custom hangers.

They can be selected/customized based on design and function requirements.

Rubber coated hangers

Rubber coated hangers

Rubber coated hangers

Wood hangers

Wood hangers

Lucite acrylic hangers

Lucite acrylic hangers

NEW PLATED HANGERS/Rose Copper, Silver & Gold. Black Chrome Coming Soon!

New plated hangers

May Trending 2016

Custom printed hangers are a functional and decorative form of advertising your brand.


As the name suggests, pad printing involves transferring ink from a silicone pad to the hanger. Think of it as a process similar to using the rubber stamps that hobbyists often collect (though it's obviously a bit more advanced than that). Using a machine that holds both the pad and the product steady, the pad is pressed into an inked plate etched into the shape of your desired artwork. The pad is then pressed onto the hanger, creating a crisp printed image


Laser engraving is the process of using a laser beam to permanently cut an image or pattern into a hard material, such as glass, wood or metal. Depending on the contrast desired, the laser computer can be programed to create a lighter or darker image


In a hot stamping machine, a die is mounted and heated, with the hanger to be stamped placed beneath it. A metallized or painted roll-leaf carrier is inserted between the two, and the die presses down through it. The dry paint or foil used is impressed into the surface of the hanger. The dye-stamping process itself is non-polluting because the materials involved are dry. We have on occasion, depending on the logo look desired, suggested to our customers to use this less costly method in order to mimic the look of a more costly laser engraving process.


April Trending 2016

Customer service counts!

"Hi Bert,
The hangers look terrific !!!!! Thank you for not allowing me to purchase more of the 'vintage' velvet ones!!!!!
They have a great look and as you said, very contemporary!!! I know my little orders are not much to you, the hanger king, but the way you take care of me you would think you wouldn't be able to survive without me!!!!!
I will never be able to buy large quantities but I might be able to pass along those that can!"
Craig C. / Dallas, Texas

"We appreciate you double checking with us. We understand the nature of the hanger and we know you'll make them as perfect as you can :) You have our go ahead. Thanks for making sure every step is covered and checked when there is any doubt".
Vanessa A. / Santa Cruz, California

I just received the hangers . Absolutely love , love , love!! They are very high quality. Will definitely be placing more orders soon.
I also wanted to get an estimate on how much these hangers are if my logo is printed on 50 hangers.
Thanks so much for the great and fast service.

Kindest Regards ,
Sanah Y / Chicago, Illinois

-Directly related to Customer Service: See the NEW "My Pleasure! Customer Service Support" by Lindsay Dayan, a customer service page on Facebook.

*B Free Hangers Facebook page: New info and trends on a weekly basis.

*Basic to totally custom hangers for retail and home. Add-ons include custom colors of hangers and hardware and custom printed hangers.

March Trending 2016

Interior design colors are blue/white/black whether for home, showroom or retail space. Add your choice of 7 different metal finish swivel hooks with coordinating finish bars and clips at no additional cost!

From top to bottom:
Navy Blue
Pure White
Super Black

Why wait any longer? Navy blue skirt/pant hangers for your blue jean line!

* Metallic plated hangers are brilliant design accents.

To create uniformity, clean lines and visual appeal, we suggest using custom top hangers and the same top hangers with clips. Functionality triples using these as a bottom hanger, a combination hanger and, in a pinch, a top hanger as seen here!

February Trending 2016

Residential closet design with custom hangers is trending!

*Closets should use hangers that properly fit garments and prevent slippage. Velvet covered wood bars seen here also protect against marks left by commonly available wood and wire or serrated rubber bars.
Anti-slip rubber inserts also help keep garments on the hanger.

Yes…an actual functioning closet!"

*Home decor can be be carried over into custom closet design. Colors and styles coordinate with rooms.

*Interior designers and closet designers have a vast selection of hangers to choose from. See "PR/Trending" & "Client Gallery"

January Trending 2016

*Decision making styles vary. We will work with you in 2016 whether you want fewer choices and a quick decision OR many custom hanger options and need time to reach a decision!

*Pantone colors of the year Rose Quartz (already popular for many years) and Serenity in nature! Always available in our Lucite/acrylic hangers.

*Another strong option for 2016 is the functional and stylish choice of smooth rubber coated wood hangers. Garments slipping off the hangers is virtually eliminated with our functional "next generation trendy" coating.
Slate River Grey
Neon Tangerine
Navy Blue
Silver Grey

December Trending 2015

*Warm gold and copper amplify the energy of red, pinks and orange.

*Cool colors such as winter white,opal and silver form a neutral winter palette.

*As 2015 comes to an end we invite you to create your own trends for custom hangers in 2016 as well!

New Galaxy Blue/ Stars In a Night Sky
New Galaxy Blue/ Stars In a Night Sky

November Trending 2015

Choosing the correct size hanger will definitely enhance the visual appeal and look of a garment.

*Women's clothing looks best on a 16"inch hanger.

*Men's clothing display is enhanced by an 18"inch hanger.

Children's clothing is well displayed on smaller hangers that vary depending on size range...anywhere between 8-10 inches for infant/toddler to ...12-14 inches for 7-14.

October Trending 2015

*Firefly hangers create a great festive look for the soon upcoming holiday season.

*Natural and vintage wood hangers can lead you down a rustic seasonal path.

*Custom wood hangers and lucite acrylic hangers in any Pantone color allow you to design the environment of your choice!

September Trending 2015

*Wood hangers at economy prices are available for large projects.

*Copper metal is trending for Autumn 2015.

*Lucite Acrylic opal hangers are emerging as a luxurious option to white.

August Trending 2015

*Another way to create a custom hanger


Inventoried hook finishes from top to bottom AS SEEN IN ABOVE

  • Black Chrome
  • Polished Brass
  • Polished Chrome
  • Matte Black
  • Polished Copper

July Trending 2015

*Hooray for the red, white and blue!

*Custom printed red hanger!

*Custom printed white hanger!

*Custom printed blue hanger!

June Trending 2015

*There are several types of custom logo hangers:

-Hot stamped printed hangers with foil
-Laser etched hangers with or without color (See Jill Stuart video "PR/Trending" July 2014)
- Reverse Embossed hangers with or without color (See Current Elliot or TRYB in "Client Gallery")
-Pad plate printed hangers available with any Pantone color logo

*We can custom color your hangers to match any Pantone color you choose!

May Trending 2015

*Take a natural wood or vintage inspired natural wood hanger and customize it with a choice of hardware selections.

*There are options in coordination of top hangers with bottom hangers.
-Top hanger with a straight bottom hanger OR a top hanger with the same top hanger and clips

*Remember that hangers can be an important design element as well as functional.

April Trending 2015

*GlobalShop 2015 in Las Vegas showcased our many custom wood hangers as well as rubber coated hangers.

*Firefly hangers are here and can be customized in any color and with any interior color Fireflies. Custom print with your logo too!

*Pantone color of the year 2015 Marsala Lucite/acrylic hangers prove to be very versatile pairing beautifully with mahogany wood, shades of pink and creamy colors.

March Trending 2015

*Our GlobalShop booth will be featuring:
Custom branded hangers in all materials.

*Vintage wood and its versatility in complementing a colorful design.

*Into The Woods wood hangers.

And a few surprises! Come visit us at booth 2443.

February Trending 2015

* Hangers can be branded using custom colors in place of or in addition to custom logos.

* Industrial chic has become very popular. Wood hangers with unpolished chrome continue the concept.

* Rubber coated hangers also are in the industrial design plan.

* Don't miss us at GlobalShop 2015!

January Trending 2015

* This says it all: custom hangers!
-Vintage inspired wood
-Rubber coated

* Marsala is the Pantone color of the year for 2015...it's a warm color that will go beautifully with natural and mahogany wood hangers.

* New choices for scarf hanger display

December Trending 2014

Three types of branded custom hangers will be featured in 2015:

* Anti-slip/rubber coated hangers 

* Vintage inspired hangers

* Lucite/acrylic hangers

November Trending 2014

Rubber coated, anti-slip, or anti-skid are all ways to describe our latest hanger innovation.

* Garments won't slide off of rubber coated hangers and, as an added bonus, save $...no more mark-down money!

* Custom printed rubber coated hangers also have a design presence.

* Color adds to the clean modern look of a rubber coated hanger.


October Trending 2014

* Plastic hangers are available in many styles, colors and levels of quality that include simple dress and skirt hangers with matching swivel hooks.

* Grey is one of the main color trends. Grey hangers  with custom logos and printing or stock unprinted...your choice!

*Lucite acrylic hangers are available in trending transparent colors.

September Trending 2014

* Branded hangers allow you instant name recognition with constant

* Custom wood hangers can be brand associated in many ways...printing, logo, color and style.

*Personalized rubber coated hangers and lucite/acrylic hangers also can emphasize your brand.

* Color is also a way to create a custom hanger...blue and black are a trend for fall 2014.


August Trending 2014

* Clear colors in transparent acrylic are trending according to Elle Decor magazine.

* Rubber coated hangers and velvet hangers are both anti-slip and non-slip...same function but different looks. One traditional and the other next generation trendy!

* Bathing suit forms are soon going to be available in new water blue color.

July Trending 2014

* Vintage is the new black...B Free manufactures custom Instant Vintage wood hangers.

Instant Vintage Wood with Antique Brass

* Corporations are selling branded images. Brand maintenance takes constant work and requires consistency according to New York Times Style Magazine June 15, 2014.

Printed logo hangers add to the total concept.

Lucite/Acrylic FX-2

* Custom laser etched wood hangers are a design perfect way to achieve a branded image.


June 2014

* Mill End swivel hooks in many different metal finishes. Pictured from top to bottom are
polished copper, black chrome, satin chrome, antique copper, matte black and polished
chrome. Polished brass and antique brass are also available.

* More inspiration from art using brilliant color for visual impact!

* Custom hanger styles that are global...more European in feeling.
These hangers are all available with printed logos, laser etched logos
and embossed effect logos.

May 2014

* Classic shades of blue from cobalt to turquoise to ocean.

* Did you ever smile at a white wine barrel?

* Look at the impact of color!
Color DOES change everything!

April 2014

*4 featured hangers at GlobalShop 2014

*Personalize your brand!

*Embrace old materials
Color b bold
Presentation is everything!

As seen in www.designretailonline.com  March 2014    

*Shopping begins on the iPad and ends up in person. Precise color choices are hard to make on a computer screen, salespeople have access to more information and most importantly inspiration comes from design vignettes in the store. The ability to buy anything online today is great but it has not replaced  the brick-and-mortar experience.
As seen in House Beautiful editorial April 2014

March 2014

*Custom on demand

* Our inspiration comes from many global sources...nature, art and fashion among them.

Nigerian Born Artist Johnson Odibi's "Sahara Dance"

* We create what's next...Visit us at Globalshop 2014! 

February 2014

Utilizing customized hangers that are uniquely ours will create a brand that is uniquely yours.

B Funky...B Unique...B Classy...B Different...B Cool...B Free!

Do something creative every day

January 2014

* Clean  your slate for the new year..white and related shades in hangers allow other colors to be featured in your environment.

* According to Pantone "Radiant Orchid (color of the year 2014) blooms with confidence and magical warmth that intrigues the eye and sparks the imagination. It is an expressive, creative and embracing purple—one that draws you in with its beguiling charm. A captivating harmony of fuchsia, purple and pink undertones, Radiant Orchid emanates great joy, love and health."

*See the latest and greatest in ideas and trends exhibiting at Globalshop in Las Vegas March 18-21. Please come visit us in Booth 2156!

December 2013


* Pinterest is great for all who are visually oriented. So follow B Free on Facebook , Twitter and Pinterest and www.bfreehangers.com as well!

* Mixed metallics and well as greys and beiges form a neutral backdrop for the colors of the season.

* Be guided by the beauty of Nature in your design plans!

November 2013

* Camouflage is "out in the open"...Feel good about light woods and mahogany as perfect design companions

* Tropical resort feeling soon!

Elements Of Nature.pdf

* Glamping! Combining rustic with glitzy. How about a natural wood hanger
with a bright copper hook?

October 2013

Sources of inspiration are everywhere!

September 2013

* We carry a wide selection of mannequins and forms.

* Layer colors, patterns and textures in a design environment. They all create depth and interest.

Ahhhhh Lust For Life

More Vintage Hangers

Spice Up Your Color Scheme

* 16" hangers available in wood and acrylic styles ...a great size choice for ladies' garments!

August 2013

*Moody blue (a favorite of B Free) ...indigo/cobalt...is trending according to Elle Decor magazine.

* DDI (Display & Design Ideas) magazine says "stores have to generate excitement".
Creative display is a way to achieve this goal.

* There is an increase in use of natural materials in decor. Wood and rapid growth, easily sustained and beautiful bamboo hangers are readily available. As opposed to plated metal component parts, and to make them more eco-friendly and truly 'green', why not use them with stylish powder coated black swivel hooks and coordinating black powder coated bars and clips.

July 2013

* Translucence is a trend as reported in DDI magazine. We offer opal and clear frosted hangers as well as a spectrum of transparent colors.

* Red white and blue hangers. All American and timeless.

* New coated anti-slip hangers for style and function.

June 2013

* Glow In The Dark Hangers

Glow in the Dark Hangers

* Lime Green/Neon/Citrus is always a summer trend...Fresh & Crisp!

*Elements of Nature/Colors of Hamptons/Natural Wood: Sea, Sky & Trees

Natural Wood Hangers

May 2013

*New is the reverse embossed engraving & the popular laser etching for logos

*Customizing hangers allows brand identification and reinforces a connection with your customer.

*Bright color in general is a trend ; yellow is a sunny option!

April 2013

* Sometimes people find vintage hangers that appeal to them. We can duplicate many of them!

* Light wood hangers have a clean lean look for a modern aesthetic.

* Black and white are design color trends. You can let your imagination b free in choosing accent colors for hangers.

March 2013

* According to Linda Cahan, visual merchandising and retail color psychology expert:

"If I had to pick ONE color:

Bright Red is the color that inspires people to buy more, eat more and do it all more quickly. Red resonates with our base life force energy. Red actually vibrates at a stronger frequency than any other color and creates heat. On a cold day wearing red can not only give the illusion that you're warm, you actually will feel warmer.

Too much red can work against you in a retail setting. Small amounts of red inspire sales while large amounts often create a feeling of impatience that can lead to anger, headaches, or people leaving more quickly.

Green is just the opposite both on the color wheel and in results. Greens encourage people to linger longer and time seems to go quickly in a green space. Green tones recede while reds pop.

I would stay away from a store with a lot of red but red hangers or red accents would be excellent.

If I had to pick ONE color as the perfect accent I'd go with a deep coral Pantone 178 C. It has red and orange tones but is softer and subtler. Deep coral also works well as an accent wall combined with neutrals".

Linda Cahan is the author of "100 Displays Under $100" (PDF), "Feng Shui for Retailers" and "Visual Merchandising 101" DVD available at: www.lindacahan.com

* Thinner space saving and anti-slip hangers are design trends.

* Red, green, and opal are color trends.

FX-2 Green Anti-Slip

February 2013

Why not get twice as much for your money? In a world of multipurposing why not purchase hangers to hold garments and also to be a part of your design plan?

Rediscover color. It can range from low key to high impact!

Emerald green is the Pantone color of the year 2013 . Consider it a natural as a neutral...when did a flower ever clash with its leaves?

January 2013

Yellow will be a force in 2013

New anti-slip hangers are becoming the standard , replacing sta-on pads and grips, and providing a more design conscious look

After the holidays neutrals with a twist are great. See the "Not Just Black Or White" flyer

December 2012

* Great display and use of color are ALWAYS the trend.

* Timothy Opsomer, director of visual display and store planning for MGM Mirage Retail says that " As part of any overall interior design, attention to detail is critical to achieving the total environment you are trying to accomplish. On perimeter walls or floor fixtures in a ready-to-wear or fashion goods presentation, the hanging merchandise will be one of the more dominant features of the interior." Mr. Opsomer continues "We try to make sure the vehicle chosen to present these items projects the look and feel of our design. Given the wide range of choices and materials, colors and styles now being offered in hangers, a basic merchandise display requirement can now become an integral part of the design process."

* Please read Bert's entire article written in Retail Construction Magazine in B Free's article section.

* Enjoy your holiday season with B Free!

November 2012

* It's all about product presentation whether on the web or at the showroom/store level according to DDI Magazine.

* See our Facebook page and Twitter for the latest color and design trends; acrylic, spice colors and rustic country. Red is a big part of the trends.

* Freedom to choose your own trends out of many is the "new black" says Long Island Pulse Magazine.

* Scan our QR code for quick access on your smart phone/tablet.

October 2012

* According to DDS Magazine "Visual Merchandising is the language that retailers use to communicate the attributes of their brands and the excitement of their products" So true and easy to accomplish with the proper hanger!

* Wood is everywhere...our new woodsmoke, wood stain & natural wood set a rich background for the season. Deep colors such as burgundy and cobalt contrast beautifully with natural wood.

* Lacy vintage feel garments balanced by modern anti-slip hangers.

September 2012

* According to DDS Magazine "Visual merchandising is the language that retailers use to communicate the attributes of their brands and the excitement of their products."
So true and easy to accomplish with the proper hanger!

* Velvet is fashionable for fall clothing. Velvet hangers are another option beside coated anti-slip hangers to alleviate slipping and to create a coordinated environment.

*Early fall color trends include greys, yellows and soft white. Try mixing moonglow beige with brushed chrome, slate river grey with brass or woodsmoke anti-slip hangers with either a warm or cool color scheme.



B Unique B Different B Free