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B Free Hangers offers the top custom hangers, printed hangers & stock hangers in wood, rubber coating & Lucite acrylic. We design, manufacture & supply garment hangers to retail stores, manufacturer's showrooms & residential interior designers. B Free also offers mannequins, torsos, bathing suit forms, custom garment racks & garment bags.

Rubber Coated

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B Free’s new rubber coated hangers can be made in any Pantone color and printed in any Pantone color. 

This innovation is 40+ years in the making. Our new rubber coated products are designed to help eliminate clothes from falling off the hanger. There is no more need to deal with adhesive or elastic pads.

We offer this feature as part of our custom made product line. We also inventory the styles #FX-2 and #60 along with our new LF-Fitwell jacket hanger in natural, black and white.

Velvet hangers are also anti-slip and are produced in many styles.

All of our hangers can be outfitted with bars and coordinated finish clips in any length.

Rubber Coated
LF-Fitwell 15" Black
Rubber Coated
FX-2-17" Matte Silver
Rubber Coated
FX-2-17" Matte Gold
Rubber Coated
FX-2-17" Matte Wood Smoke

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